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Plasmodium Species (aka Malaria)
Testing is performed to help diagnose malaria, to monitor for relapses, and to determine drug susceptibility of the parasite causing the infection.
Our price: $180.00

To determine whether your potassium concentration is within normal limits and to help evaluate an electrolyte imbalance; to monitor chronic or acute hyperkalemia or hypokalemia.
Our price: $32.40

Pregnancy Test, Quantitative
To confirm and monitor pregnancy
Our price: $40.00

A progesterone test measures the amount of the hormone progesterone in a blood sample.
Our price: $42.60

To determine whether your prolactin levels are higher (or occasionally, lower) than normal.
Our price: $42.50

Prothrombin Time
To check how well blood-thinning medications (anti-coagulants) are working to prevent blood clots
Our price: $26.50

PT and PTT
To check how well blood-thinning medications (anti-coagulants) are working and As part of an investigation of a bleeding or thrombotic episode
Our price: $50.00

PTH Test
Diagnosis of parathyroid disease and other diseases of calcium homeostasis; monitoring patients undergoing renal dialysis
Our price: $38.00

Renal Function Panel
This panel provides an assessment of your kidney functions to determine your risk of kidney disease and your general state of nutrition.

These include: albumin, BUN, calcium, carbon dioxide, chloride, creatinine, glucose, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium.
Our price: $26.50

Reverse T3
Test used in evaluating thyroid function and metabolism. If you can't lose or gain weight you may want to order this test.
Our price: $57.00
Suggested Price: $187.00 save 70%

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