Protecting Employees from Sun Damage

July 5, 2021 // MFuselier // No Comments //
Now that summer is in full swing, it presents different ways to engage with your employees in the outdoors rather than be stuck inside all day. Whether that means having […]

Ergonomics to Prevent Pain

June 29, 2020 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
If you find yourself with sore shoulders, stiff neck, or an aching back, poor ergonomics could be to blame. Simple adjustments to your work station can not only improve your […]

How to Build Better Blood Pressure

August 29, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
Recent changes to blood pressure guidelines may put more people at risk for hypertension or high blood pressure. Known as the silent killer, high blood pressure often has no signs […]

Why Sun Safety Is A Year-Round Job

July 24, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
July is UV Safety Awareness Month but protecting yourself from the sun is a year-round job. The skin is the body’s largest organ and provides protection against heat, injury and […]

The Purpose of Primary Care

March 4, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
Building a relationship with a Primary Care Provider (PCP) is a vital step in ensuring you get the care you need when you or a loved one is sick. Your […]

Flu Prevention

December 21, 2018 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
Viruses that cause colds and flu spread easily, but good hygiene habits can help you stay healthy this season. Touching objects like doorknobs that are contaminated, then touching your eyes, […]

Food Allergies, Intolerance, and Sensitivities

February 15, 2018 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
Data from the Centers for Disease Control indicates that food allergies are on the rise. Any food has the potential to cause a reaction, although common problematic foods include peanuts, shellfish, […]

Workstation Ergonomics

February 10, 2018 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
Many ergonomic issues including aches and pains can be prevented by simply being aware of your body’s position while sitting or standing at your work station. Use the following checklist […]

The Mosquito Buzz

July 14, 2017 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
Not only are mosquitoes a nuisance, but they are also a disease transmitting opportunity. Mosquitoes are considered the most dangerous “animal” in the world because of the deadly diseases they can […]

Don’t Get Sidelined By Injury

April 25, 2017 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
An injury can take a toll on your body as well as your mind. Rest, ice, and a bottle of ibuprofen might not be enough to get you back on […]