Preventing Employee Burnout

July 12, 2021 // MFuselier // No Comments //
Nothing derails a team more than employee burnout. As the decision maker in your organization, you can implement policies that help in preventing employee burnout. When you have employee wellness […]

Building Your Health and Wellness Culture

April 13, 2021 // MFuselier // No Comments //
Have you been considering a corporate wellness program but don’t know where to start? Turn to Sterling Wellness Solutions. We have helped many different business owners and key decision makers […]

Lowering Workplace Stress

April 6, 2021 // MFuselier // No Comments //
April is here and marks the start of a new month. With the new month comes a new health observance. April is National Stress Awareness Month. To mark the month, […]

Creating a Work Life Balance

January 27, 2021 // MFuselier // No Comments //
Now that you’re working from home and staying home more often, you may find it hard to maintain a work life balance. Even during a pandemic, it’s crucial to build […]

Finding Your Happy Place

October 7, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
Engaging in activities that bring joy, no matter how big or small, can help reduce the negative effects of stress. Spending time doing what you love can restore happiness and […]

How Self-Care Can Help Manage Anxiety

September 24, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
When we face potentially dangerous, challenging or stressful situations, feelings of nervousness are not only normal but necessary. Anxiety can become a problem, however, if fear and worry begin to […]

Stress Less with Pets

May 11, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
Pets make great companions, but did you know they can be good for your health as well? Interacting with animals has been shown to decrease levels of the stress hormone […]

7 Tips for Promoting Positivity in Your Workplace

February 18, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
We spend more time at work than anywhere else so treating others kindly and promoting a positive atmosphere is essential. High stress levels can take a toll on our well-being, […]

Stressing Less

January 11, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
I first found out I had type II diabetes from a company initiated wellness program a few years ago. I never thought this could happen to me, so I became very […]

Learning to Breathe

December 13, 2018 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
I originally joined the wellness program to save money on my insurance. I never imagined that I would have health issues since I eat well, exercise, and live a pretty […]