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Professional Screenings
With Positive Results

Sterling Wellness’ high-touch, professional health screenings allow you to assess the health of your organization. With this information, you can target corporate wellness programming with the highest impact. Knowing your numbers is the first step in understanding your health and creating a foundation for change.

Worry Free

We manage the screening process from start to finish. Our team works to ensure that every event is worry-free for clients and participants alike. Each health screening event will involve less work and responsibility from the client, the way it should be! Sterling Wellness team leaders at each event provide a professional point of contact to ensure an organized and successful experience.

Event Options

Our flexible screening options are tailored to each company’s unique requirements. Our convenient onsite testing gives higher participation rates. Additionally, our offsite screening options create access for remote employees. Sterling Wellness can administer and track incentives for health screening completion with onsite, offsite, or physician submitted results.


We offer the most comprehensive testing panels in the industry in both venipuncture and fingerstick methods. While our standard screening includes a glucose and complete lipid panel, we can also provide additional health tests to cover thyroid function, cotinine, hemoglobin A1C and more!

Stress-free events that leave you time
for everything else.

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After The Screening

Following the health screening, participants have quick, convenient access to screening results in their wellness portal. The portal allows you to see wellbeing programs based on your results and health markers. 

Results At
Your Fingertips

Participants can see all screening results in the easy to access Health Park or Higher Health portal. Easy to download forms make it simple to share results with your primary healthcare provider.

From Outcomes

After individual testing results are loaded, log-into the Health Park or Higher Health portal to browse through a pre-selected menu of healthy education recommendations based off well-being markers.

Data Review

Partner client and stakeholders receive an annual detailed aggregate report of population engagement and biometric cohort trend that helps drive program multi-year strategic decisions.

Receiving and understanding your biometric screening results have never been easier.

"Our screenings went amazingly well. The onsite team was terrific! We had a lot of positive feedback from stakeholders and the process ran so smoothly that they were able to work in walk-ins with no problem. From the administrative side, I cannot express how incredible it was that my team didn’t spend the countless hours in preparation and managing the event as we have had in the past."

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