Level up employee wellbeing with everything you need, all in one place.

Our total solution to employee wellbeing means there is no need for multiple wellness vendors.

For you, that also means consistency in service, greater scalability, quicker turnaround, lower costs, and unmatched customer support. 

Our health coaching model offers multiple channels with options for digital programs, targeted lifestyle coaching, and fully integrated condition management.

Employee Wellbeing from Start to Finish

Data drives results. Flexible health screening options and seamless event management means greater impact for participants and less worry for you.

Everyone’s story is unique. That’s why we’ve built a custom wellness platform that guides members to personalized solutions and targeted wellness programs. 

Our total health and wellness solution means every member of your team gets the care and support they need.

Positively Impacting Populations

The Sterling Approach

Personalized Member Journey

Individualized content and resources create a guided pathway for members centered on their interests, outcomes, and personal health.

Long-term Strategic Growth

We work thoughtfully with our partners to design and deliver multi-year plans that drive strategic growth and evolve with your population’s goals.

Data-driven Results

Our unique condition management leverages analytics through claims connectivity to allow a more targeted approach for high cost individuals. 

Scalable Ecosystem

We offer an extensive network of integrated wellness partners can be layered into program design to offer enhanced wellness options.

Meaningful Engagement

Everyone’s needs are unique. Our innovative health coaching model drives timely and targeted outreach for the highest impact.

Leadership Initiatives

With specialized training tools and expert guidance, we help motivate and inspire leaders and managers to maximize engagement and reach.

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