Our magic is in our relationships.

Above all else at Sterling, we value people and the connections that drive our mission to change lives. Our core purpose is to enhance wellbeing for every organization and individual across the diverse cultures that we serve.

For more than 20 years, our team has been motivating change and impacting lives through proactive and innovative solutions.

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We offer strategic support every step of the way.

Our expert Account Management team will guide you through every step of building a successful program that gets results. From strategic design and development to seamless implementation, we will work with you to deliver a multi-year plan that meets the needs of your unique population.

We maximize impact with data-driven results.

When it comes to reporting, we are all in. Every decision we make is based on data. Our high-tech analytics team provides in-depth, robust reporting that identifies opportunities, measures outcomes and drives strategic growth.

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Our core values guide
everything we do.

Acting with Integrity

Every decision we make is driven by our integrity and our desire to build strong relationships with our client partners and their organizations.

Better Together

We operate best when we’re all working together for the good of others, and that’s what we do when we team up with you. 

Paving the Way

Our innovative approach to employee wellbeing drives us forward with continuous enhancements and improvement.

Agility and Diversity

Our key to success is being creative in developing strategic and sustainable wellbeing programs designed for a diverse group of organizations.

Empowering Change

We empower organizations to inspire change and actively engage employees in the management of their overall well-being.