Our full-spectrum employee health coaching model impacts population health at the source.

From online coaching programs to comprehensive condition management, our tiered health coaching model offers a robust suite of options for members to engage in what they find most meaningful.

Coaching Courses

Coaching Programs

Lifestyle Coaching

Chronic Condition

Onsite Nurse and
Health Coach

Personal, impactful health coaching engagements lead to real, data-driven results.

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Increase in Preventive Screenings

Decrease in ER Visits



Condition Management nurses can help you understand how your results impact your health

Claims connectivity expands your reach beyond biometrics.

Our high-touch approach to condition management uses claims connectivity to assess the health of your full population. Through claims analytics our nurses are able to identify high-cost drivers on the plan and target individuals who need care the most.

Our caring approach to employee health coaching
builds trust and maximizes engagement.

Our friendly, expert coaching team strives to build supportive connections that positively impact lives. Through proven motivational interviewing techniques, participants are empowered to actively manage their health with the care and support of their Sterling coach. 

Health Coaching Difference

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