5 Must-Have Features in an Employee Wellness Portal

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With the spotlight on employee wellbeing for organizations across the country, selecting the right wellness portal for your population is key to maximizing engagement in your wellness program.  

Start your search by making a list of your needs and must-haves to drive engagement and lasting behavior change. Not sure where to begin? We asked our experts at Sterling, and these are our top 5 features to look for in your wellness portal. 

Flexible Incentive Management 

A wellness portal should support your unique program design and offer hands-off incentive management. Selecting a portal that can support unique reward structures – from tiered designs to outcomes-based programs – ensures that your portal can grow with your program as it evolves year over year. 

Enhanced Device Connectivity 

From activity tracking to glucose monitoring, a winning portal will offer connectivity to a host of mobile apps, fitness trackers and health devices. With comprehensive device integration, you can eliminate the barrier of complicated tracking with a seamless, more personal user experience.  

Personalized Health Content 

Speaking of personal user experience, customized user education is essential to driving behavior change. Look for a portal that generates content based on the identified risks of the user. Everyone’s wellness story is unique, so it is important that your wellness portal offers personalized programming that guides the participant to the resources that are most meaningful to them.  

Customizable Communications 

As an extension of risk-driven content, being able to deliver customized triggers and nudges based on risk levels can drive participants to specific pathways for additional support. From push notifications to appointment reminders, look for a portal that offers a variety of messaging and notifications to keep your employees engaged and on track. 

Digital Tools 

The world of digital health management has significantly enhanced the ability to impact lifestyle behavior. Digital tools, such as an evidence-based health assessment, social connectivity, and digital coaching courses allow the participant a variety of options to engage in their health journey. In addition to web-based tools, be sure that your portal offers a user-friendly mobile app that allows participants the convenience of accessing their program on the go. 

The need for a deeply personalized experience is the common thread woven throughout many of our top portal features. While many portals offer bells and whistles, it’s important to focus on the individual user journey. Knowing the needs of your population is the perfect way to narrow your search so that you can find an employee wellness portal that will best suit your needs.

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