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5 Ways to Maximize Health Coaching Engagement

Health Coaching maximizes engagement in employee wellbeing programs

The need for deeply personalized wellbeing initiatives are becoming a top focus and many organizations are turning to health coaching to help fill the gap.

Integrating evidence-based health coaching into your existing wellness offerings can not only increase engagement and improve health outcomes, it can also transform the employee experience.

With proven motivational interviewing techniques and communication strategies, health coaches can build meaningful connections and empower participants to actively manage their health while reducing key drivers of future cost for the organization.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

Assess Your Population

Assessing your population to identify members at highest risk for chronic conditions is the first step and can help proactively target employees to prevent or delay the onset of future disease. Leveraging the data available to you through onsite biometric screenings and claims data will help you better understand the risks your population is experiencing most.

Offer Timely Health Coaching Follow-up

Engaging members following their health screening capitalizes on the screening experience and provides a call to action when they are most receptive to guidance. Offer ongoing support and education to encourage behavior change and track personal health goals.

Build Health Coaching into your Incentive Structure

When designing your wellness strategy, consider offering incentives for participation in health coaching. Extrinsic motivators can be a useful tool and often inspire behavior change and improved health outcomes.

Create an Effective Communication Strategy

A strategic annual communications plan will help you reach your unique population and deliver engaging health education to your participants. Do your research to determine which methods of communication will be most effective based on your population’s demographics.

Gain Leadership Support and Buy-in

When leadership is fully committed to the wellbeing initiatives of their organization, engagement is significantly improved. Creating a culture of wellness that is driven from the top down shows employees that the company values their wellbeing and encourages them to follow the their lead.

The bottom line? When companies address the rising challenges of employee and employer expectations, both the organization and the team can thrive together. Health Coaching can play a critical role in bridging that gap. Connect with us to learn more about how evidence-based health coaching can bridge the gap between employee expectations and the employee experience.