Chronic Disease Management

Employee family health costs

Careplus. A New Way To Look At Chronic Disease Management.

Our most comprehensive approach to corporate wellbeing programs uses the latest clinical guidelines, member educational materials, motivational interviewing, and self-management support strategies to produces a complete snapshot of your population’s health and easily identify opportunities for targeted intervention.

Insurance Claims

We work with insurance companies to view filed medical and pharmaceutical claims on behalf of our client partners. With these additional databases, our disease management teams can collaborate and plan for your best care.

High Tech

High-touch care meets high-tech algorithms that allow a deeper study into high-cost drivers. From there, our disease management team stratifies risk, plans proactive outreach to members, and reduces plan spend where it is needed most.

Nurse Intervention

Our CarePlus registered nurses use a combination of clinical experience and coaching certifications. Overall, they focus on improving the management of chronic conditions, reducing hospital admissions, improving preventative care and physician engagement.

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Prevention by targeting diseases

Flexible Strategies to Shift With Changing Targets.

The Sterling team studies health history in addition to medical and pharmaceutical claims data. Thus, it allows our disease management team to make calculated recommendations on when and where programming resources should be focused for your chronic disease management.

Disease Compliance

Our CarePlus registered nurses collaborate with members and their providers to coordinate care plan goals, assess education gaps, and increase treatment plan adherence to proactively manage chronic disease compliance.  

Building Better
Healthcare Consumers

Sterling Wellness’ experienced disease management team engages with the population to build better healthcare consumers. The more a company’s participants understand how to live healthy and utilize their benefits, the less money everyone spends.


Sterling Wellness will conduct clinical and social focused assessments to identify opportunities to provide participants and their caregivers with the long-term strategies to better manage their chronic diseases.

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“I got to a point in my life that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and neuropathy in my toes. I was ready to make a change because my health was declining. After 5 months of working with my Sterling health coach, I lost 125 pounds, lowered my A1c by 4 points, and worked with my doctor to eliminate four medications. My numbers are now in a healthy range. I didn't let any excuses get in the way because I owed it to myself to get my life back!"

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