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Covered Preventive Care

The health of your team directly relates to the success of your team. In order for your team members to stay healthy, they need to be better healthcare consumers by taking advantage of covered preventive care. But what exactly is covered preventive care? At Sterling Wellness Solutions, we work with you and the lives in your organization to build a healthier team through different means. We’ll work to build a healthier team and instruct the lives in your organization how preventive care helps them.

Annual Physicals

Typically, a physical is covered by most insurance plans. At a physical, you’ll go over your weight, blood pressure, and more. Each doctor has their preferred way of doing a physical, so your experience with a physical may be different from other people in your organization. If there’s any type of doctor appointment you encourage your employees to take advantage of using, their annual physical should be it.

Routine Bloodwork

In addition to the annual physical, routine bloodwork is considered covered preventive care. The bloodwork gives doctors a chance to see if the lives in your organization have elevated cholesterol levels. Having high cholesterol levels are a risk factor for heart episodes in the future. It also gives doctors the chance to see what your fasting blood sugar is. A high fasting blood sugar could mean you or an employee are at risk of developing diabetes.

Many Types of Cancer Screenings

Did you know that many types of cancer screenings count as covered preventive care? For instance, insurance usually covers mammograms. It’s important that women receive regular mammograms according to guidance from their doctors because mammograms are effective at detecting breast cancer. Similarly, insurance plans also colonoscopies because they help detect colon cancer. Using covered preventive benefits help everyone stay health. And, if doctors do find cancer during the screenings, hopefully it’s early enough that it’s easy to treat.

Flu Shots and Routine Vaccines

Flu shots are another example of preventive care. Having an annual flu shot helps you stay healthy during the winter months. While it may not stop you from getting the flu entirely, it can help lessen the symptoms of flu you’ll have. It also helps the rest of your team stay healthy, leading to more overall success.

Additionally, insurance covers many types of routine vaccinations. Vaccinations help keep people from getting sick from different viruses. Vaccines are given on a schedule, so it’s important to have regular visits to your doctor to make sure you’re following vaccine schedules to stay healthy.

Sometimes, knowing what health insurance covers and doesn’t cover takes time. But knowing what covered preventive care helps build a healthy, successful team. At Sterling Wellness Solutions, we build corporate wellness programs and work with everyone involved to build a workplace culture based on health and wellness. Looking for a way to have a healthier, more successful team? Contact Sterling Wellness Solutions today.