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Creating a Culture of Wellness

Employees working together

Are you looking to institute a wellness program in your organization? You’ll want to start by easing your employees into the wellness programs you’ll be offering. When it comes to creating a culture of wellness in your organization, you’ll want to make sure the programs are cohesive and work together and get plenty of employee support. At Sterling Wellness Solutions, we’ve helped many different organizations in designing and creating a culture of wellness based on improving the health of the lives in the organization. Let us help you in creating a culture of wellness in your organization.

Encourage Employees to Take Part

A successful culture of wellness happens when you and your employees take part in the programs offered. That way, everyone is on the same page when it comes to the wellness goals of your organization and there’s no question about what your workplace culture will develop into in the future. It may be hard to get started at first, which is always to be expected. Provide employees with the resources to achieve their wellness goals and regularly go over things with employees to show them that you care about a workplace culture based in wellness.

Practice What You Preach

As you start a culture of wellness, you’ll want to make sure you take part in the programs as well. For instance, if you’re pushing for a healthier workplace, it may not be the best idea to order large amounts of pizza for the office for meetings you have. Make sure you implement and actively take part in programs that your employees do.

Address All Components of Wellbeing

When people think of wellbeing, they tend to think of physical wellbeing or emotional wellbeing. Wellbeing encompasses much more than just those two components. When you partner with Sterling Wellness Solutions for creating a culture of wellness, we’ll help employees balance all of the components of wellbeing, which includes financial wellbeing, social wellbeing, professional wellbeing, and more. Our coaches may also touch on community involvement and ethics as well. By focusing on a well-rounded approach to wellbeing, your employees will feel better and more balanced overall.

Be Flexible

If your organization has the ability to be a flexible workplace, take advantage of it. Whether that means having employees work hours that fit their schedule and work habits or having a mix of days where people work from home and are in the office other days, let your employees have a little flexibility when it comes to where and when they work. This will help in increasing office morale, which also impacts productivity and absenteeism.

Creating a culture of wellness takes time. But, it can really flourish when employees and decision makers take part in the programs. At Sterling Wellness Solutions, we work with you to take part in corporate wellness programs and make it a success. Success begins with a healthy team. Let Sterling Wellness Solutions help build your healthy team. Contact us today for your demo of our health and wellness services.