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How Mental Health Initiatives Reshape Company Culture

Initiatives to improve mental health and reshape company culture

More than ever before, employees are looking to their employers for emotional wellbeing support. To meet the diverse needs of your team, we encourage implementing a range of resources and approaches. By providing a variety of mental health options, you give your employees the power to pick what works best for them. As a bonus, when employees feel supported, you will begin to notice a tangible shift in company culture.


Employee Assistance Programs

The first place to start is an Employee Assistance Program. Also known as EAPs, these programs provide professional counseling and support to employees who are facing mental health challenges. In addition, these programs offer a secure and confidential space for individuals to discuss their issues and acquire coping strategies.


Employee Assistance Programs can offer support and guidance when navigating divorce, grief, or financial worries. These programs are a no-cost option for employees who need care and aren’t sure where to turn.


Health Coaching and Condition Management

Coaching initiatives offer tools and guidance to reduce stress, engage in healthy lifestyle choices, and maintain overall mental and physical wellness. Health coaches are often the first point of contact for employees seeking help. By building trust and support, employees are able to get resources and help without judgment. Equip your coaches with knowledge of available programs to direct employees in need.


Emotional Health Assessment

Integrating Emotional Health Assessments into your wellness initiatives gives employees insight into their emotional wellbeing. It also identifies behaviors that may need improvement and offers guidance to improve habits. When employees are aware of their emotional health risks, they are more likely to implement strategies to reduce stress and improve resilience.


Positive Work Environment

Shifting your culture to one that supports mental health starts with open communication. Encourage a culture of transparency and trust, where employees feel comfortable sharing their concerns and seeking support when needed. Regular check-ins, team meetings, and one-on-one conversations can contribute to building an open and supportive work environment.


Work-Life Balance Initiatives

Finally, prioritize initiatives to help employees maintain a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives. This can include flexible work arrangements, time-off policies, and promoting work-life balance. When you offer work-life initiatives, you enable employees to recharge and engage in appropriate self-care.


Creating a company culture that supports mental health and resilience is key to a thriving business and happy employees. By using a variety of resources, you show that you value your team’s emotional health and wellbeing. Get started by drafting a plan with actionable goals and communicate it to your leadership team and entire organization.


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