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Incorporating Water into Diets

Proper hydration is crucial when it comes to having a healthy, successful team. It can also help in losing weight. If you’re looking for strategies to help the lives in your organization lose weight, turn to Sterling Wellness Solutions. Our corporate wellness programs put the health of your organization as a top priority. One of the best ways to encourage healthy lifestyles is by incorporating water into diets. Why should employees worry about incorporating water into diets? An increase in hydration can help keep your employees feeling healthy, in turn having your organization run smoothly.

Water Helps With Weight Loss

Drinking water can help with weight loss. If you replace one soft drink with water each day, it can help you lose over a pound each month. One of the ways it does that is by eliminating the amount of sugar you consume. A 12-ounce soft drink has almost seven teaspoons of sugar. By reducing the amount of soft drinks you have each day, it will help make weight loss easier. Water is always a part of a healthy diet, so it’s important that you drink enough of it each day.

Provide Water Bottles

If you want to increase hydration in the office, look for ways to make that happen. One way to do that is by providing water bottles. You can either have a well-stocked fridge of one-time usage water bottles you can purchase at a grocery store or have reusable water bottles with your company logo on them.

Drink Water During Snack Breaks

If you’re looking for ways to start increasing hydration levels in the office and incorporating water into diets in the workplace, have people drink water when they take snack breaks. Even if people take only one snack break during the day, they’re having more water than they would have had otherwise. Just make sure there’s healthy snacks available so it doesn’t counteract the good of the water.

Choose Decaf Beverages

You’ll also want to try and encourage people to choose decaf beverages, especially if they’ve had coffee and other caffeinated beverages throughout the day. While you can’t limit the drinks people have during the day, it’s may help educate employees on the importance of water and other healthy drinks to help with weight loss.

Add Flavors to Your Water

Some people don’t drink enough water because they don’t like the taste of it. If that’s the case for you or any of your employees, you can add flavors to water so it tastes better. Additionally, it will help increase hydration and weight loss. Whether you add fruits to your water, like lemons, choose flavorings to your water, or choose fruit-flavored waters, it can help increase overall hydration in a fun way.

Keeping everyone in your organization will help build a healthy, successful team. As your team gets healthier, life around the office will also get better. Part of having a healthy and successful team means that those participating in the corporate wellness programs will have better productivity and less absenteeism. Sound like something your team needs? Contact Sterling Wellness Solutions for your program demo today.