Lowering Workplace Stress

April is here and marks the start of a new month. With the new month comes a new health observance. April is National Stress Awareness Month. To mark the month, […]

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April is here and marks the start of a new month. With the new month comes a new health observance. April is National Stress Awareness Month. To mark the month, Sterling Wellness Solutions is here to offer tips on lowering workplace stress. As a decision maker in your organization, you have the ability to set standards in your organization. Lowering workplace stress ultimately helps your team feel healthier, leading to better success as a whole.

Allow Workplace Flexibility

If the pandemic has taught people anything, it’s that employees can successfully work from home. If your organization is starting the transition back into the office, you’ll want to continue to remain flexible with your employees. Whether it’s letting people work from home on a regular basis or staggering start times to better suit your employees, the flexibility can help everyone in the office. Your employees know when they work the best. As long as it doesn’t negatively impact the rest of your team, allow workplace flexibility to have a more successful team as a whole.

Recognize Your Employees

Take the time to show your employees how much you appreciate them. Employee appreciation goes a long way in helping to reduce their workplace stress because it gives your employees validation that they’re doing a good job and are appreciated. The way you go about acknowledging your employees should be tailored to the individual. For instance, if someone is more introverted, they may not be as receptive to being called out during a team meeting to celebrate their success. Instead, they may feel more appreciated by a card.

Have Healthy Foods Available

Did the know the foods you eat can impact stress levels? In times of stress, turning to healthy foods, rather than junk food or comfort food, will help in reducing stress levels. When you or your employees feel stressed, the brain releases cortisol, which is one of the stress hormones. Cortisol typically makes people turn to comfort foods, which may feel good in the moment but can negatively impact the health of you and your employees down the line. Instead, have healthy foods, like green superfoods, available for employees to snack on if they feel stressed during the day.

Encourage Wellness

Finally, to help in lowering workplace stress, you’ll want to encourage wellness. That can mean different things for your organization. The first thing you’ll want to do is contact a wellness solutions company to find out the different options they offer. For instance, when you work with us, we’ll provide wellbeing management that cover all aspects of wellbeing, comprehensive health screenings and health coaching, and chronic condition management. Our different services help you and your employees live a more healthy, successful life.

Lowering workplace stress positively impacts your entire team. By instituting some of these tips into the workplace, you can help manage stress levels of your employees. At Sterling Wellness Solutions, we work with you to develop healthy habits in the workplace. Through that, you start to build a healthy workplace culture. Success begins with a healthy team. Contact Sterling Wellness Solutions for your demo today.