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Middle Managers – The Key to Wellness Engagement

Senior business man doing presentation, planning and talking in a meeting, seminar or training workshop in a boardroom. Manager sharing ideas, teaching and coaching new employees during conference.

Leaders can make or break the success of your wellness program – and we aren’t talking about your C-Suite. It’s the middle managers who hold the key to wellness engagement. Are they effectively promoting your wellness program?

Communication and Advocacy

Middle managers act as a bridge between upper management and frontline employees, making them a crucial link in communicating important wellness benefits and offerings. When middle managers act as advocates, they open the door for employees to ask questions and seek valuable resources.

Leading by Example

Middle managers who actively participate in wellness programs themselves become powerful role models for their teams. When employees see their managers engaging in healthy behaviors, such as taking breaks, exercising, or practicing self-care, they are more likely to perceive wellness initiatives as important and valuable. Managers who prioritize their well-being and demonstrate work-life balance create an environment that encourages employees to do the same.

Providing Resources and Support

Providing the appropriate messaging to your middle managers can ensure that they can confidently promote the program and the resources available. Hold trainings for your managers that clearly define the wellness program features, available tools, and how to access important resources. Not only can managers then confidently communicate the program offerings, they are more likely to engage in the resources themselves.

Tailoring to Team Dynamics

Every team is unique, and what motivates one group of employees may not resonate with another. Middle managers, being intimately familiar with their teams’ dynamics, can help guide employees to programs that align with their specific needs and preferences. They can gather feedback, solicit suggestions, and communicate employees’ expectations to upper management. By ensuring that the wellness initiatives are relevant and accessible to their teams, middle managers can significantly increase engagement and participation.


Middle managers, as key influencers and facilitators, are instrumental in fostering employee engagement in wellness initiatives. By providing the appropriate training to your managers, they can confidently communicate and provide valuable resources and support, tailoring programs to team dynamics. Your managers are crucial in creating an environment that encourages employees to prioritize their wellbeing.

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