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Promoting Annual Physicals

At Sterling Wellness Solutions, we believe that success begins with a healthy team. One of the easiest ways to do that is by promoting annual physicals. When your employees take advantage of their annual physical, it helps them stay ahead of any potential health problems. It can also help to promote better workplace productivity and decrease office absenteeism. By promoting annual physicals, you show your employees that you value their health and want to have a workplace culture based on health and wellness.

Why Everyone Needs a Physical

A yearly physical or wellness exam is crucial in staying healthy. The more you promote staying healthy to your team, the healthier and more successful your team will be. It helps keep everyone’s health in line and can make work in the office more consistent. If there’s anything in your insurance plan that you encourage people to take advantage of, the yearly physical should be it.

How Often Should People Have Physicals

Typically, people should have a physical each year. Of course, that shouldn’t be the only time people go to the doctor, especially if members of your team are under the weather. But if there’s one doctor’s appointment you or your team members go to each year, the yearly physical should be it. It allows people to get a brief snapshot of their health and talk with their doctor about any health concerns they may have. If there’s one appointment people have each year, the annual physical or wellness exam should be the appointment you have.

Physicals Can Help Detect Chronic Conditions Early

The types of treatments for chronic conditions change depending on when the condition is found. By having a yearly physical, it can help detect a chronic condition early. Seven out of 10 deaths in the US are caused by preventable chronic diseases, so it’s important to stay on top of your health by having regular visits with your doctor. Before your physical, you’ll most likely have bloodwork completed, which gives you and your doctor a snapshot of determining if you’re developing a chronic condition.

Helps You Become a Healthcare Consumer

Physicals are an essential part of being a good healthcare consumer. But it shouldn’t be the only thing you take part in when becoming a healthcare consumer. Having an annual physical helps people start to take charge of their health. If you choose Sterling Wellness Solutions to institute a corporate wellness program in your organization, our health coaches will use the information from the physical to help with chronic condition coaching and other aspects of taking charge of health.

Having a workplace culture based on health and wellness takes time. But by putting the health of your employees at the forefront of what you do, you’ll slowly build that culture. At Sterling Wellness Solutions, we want to help you and the lives in your organization lead a healthier lifestyle and improve life in the office. Success begins with a healthy team. Contact Sterling Wellness Solutions for your demo today.