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Sleep and Your Team

Everyone wants to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. But sometimes, you and other members of your team may not get the right amount of sleep needed to function properly. According to the Sleep Foundation, not getting enough sleep each night can negatively impact your productivity along with your team’s productivity. At Sterling Wellness Solutions, we work with teams to help them build a corporate culture based on health and wellness to build a successful team. Sleep and your team is one of the ways you can start to be more successful.

Why Sleep Matters for the Workplace

Sleep is essential in a healthy lifestyle. When people don’t sleep, they can be cranky. Cranky coworkers can put a damper on everyone’s mood in the workplace. If a lack of sleep starts to become an issue, the work output from your employees could potentially have errors, which can impact everyone in the workplace. While this isn’t likely to happen after one bad night with little sleep, it can become a problem as a the nights stack up where your team members aren’t sleeping.

How Sleep Impacts Overall Health

Not getting enough sleep not only impacts the output from your team; it also impacts overall health. According to Fort Healthcare, not getting enough sleep each night can lead to serious health problems. If your employees have an untreated sleep problem, they have an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, and injury.

Additionally, when people don’t get enough sleep each night, it increases overall stress levels. When stress levels are higher than normal, it starts to affect other areas of people’s lives and can make them unhealthier because of what stress does to the body.

How to Improve Sleep

While it may be hard to tell your employees to get more sleep each night, there are tips you can offer up as ways to increase sleep each night. The optimal amount of sleep is generally seven to nine hours each night. To achieve this, advise your employees to follow a regular sleep schedule. This means getting up and going to bed the same time each night. You’ll also want to tell them they should have a similar routine they follow each night so their bodies become adjusted to following the routine to help them sleep easier. Finally, recommend limiting screen time as it gets closer to when your team members start to go to sleep. The blue light from screens makes it harder to go to sleep. So the less screen time they have before sleeping, the better their sleep will be.

Sleep and your team is just one of the many ways that your company can be more successful overall. While it’s hard to manage your team’s sleep habits, you can work with them to introduce ways to help improve their sleep. At Sterling Wellness Solutions, we believe that success begins with a healthy team. We’ll work with you and the lives in your organization to build a healthy lifestyle based on their individual needs. Want to work with us? Contact us for your demo today.