Strengthen Engagement Through Health

Are you looking for ways to increase the engagement in your workplace? Having a cohesive corporate culture can help. At Sterling Wellness Solutions, we are known for helping create a corporate culture based on health and wellness as the main cornerstones. One of the ways we do this is by strengthening engagement through health. We work with the lives in your organization to help them get more engaged with their health, in turn helping them become engaged employees in the workplace. Looking to strengthen engagement through health? Let Sterling Wellness Solutions help.

How Engagement and Wellbeing Relate

According to research from Gallup, engagement and wellbeing are highly related to each other. The more engaged your employees are, the more their overall wellbeing is. Wellbeing is the often-overlooked aspect of overall health. That’s why it’s one of the four main offerings we provide all of our clients in addition to our professional health screenings, health coaching, and chronic disease management. We’ll work with the lives in your organization to help manage all aspects of their wellbeing, in turn helping them become more engaged employees.

Build a Mission Statement Around Wellbeing and Engagement

Many workplaces have a mission statement. Most of the time, the mission statement shows what you’ll do to serve your customers or clients. But some organizations will also develop an internal mission statement about how upper level management and key decision makers will work for the lives in your organization. Base this internal mission statement around wellbeing and engagement and the overall health of employees. It will go a long way in establishing a true health-based corporate culture.

Regularly Check in With Employees

Always take the time to check in with your employees. Whether you ask about their general health or talk about other things, take the time to do it. It can sometimes help improve their wellbeing, especially if they’re feeling a little stressed with their workload. This time can also be used to get feedback about the workplace, how instituting the new corporate culture is going, and more.

Improves External Factors

As your employees become more engaged and start to get their health in line, it will help improve external factors. According to the CDC, when your organization has engaged employees, customer service ratings start to increase. Additionally, it helps to improve customer loyalty, sales and profits, and more high quality work with less mistakes, which helps build the credibility of your organization.

Employee engagement is crucial when it comes to keeping the workplace functioning like normal. When your employees are engaged in the workplace and in their health, it helps in creating a cohesive corporate culture. Additionally, it makes it easier to bring on new people. At Sterling Wellness Solutions, we work with you and the lives in your organization to strengthen engagement through health. With services that work to build up the health of everyone in your organization, we are ready to help make your team more successful. Contact Sterling Wellness Solutions for your program demo today.