Sterling Wellness Employee Wellness total solution with health screenings, health coaching and wellbing platform

Taking Charge of Health

As a boss or key decision maker in your organization, you want to have healthy employees. Healthy teams finish their work on a more regular basis compared to unhealthy teams. One of the ways to accomplish an increased productivity in the workplace is by having employees take charge of their health. Taking charge of health can be a number of different things, such as providing healthier options for snacks and providing health coaching. When you choose Sterling Wellness Solutions to handle your corporate wellness program, you’ll partner with a company dedicated to helping you establish a corporate culture based on health and wellness. We’ll help the lives in your organization take charge of their health and build a healthier, successful organization.

Become a Healthcare Consumer

There’s a big difference between a patient at your primary care physician and being a healthcare consumer. A patient is someone who usually only has a physical or wellness exam each year but doesn’t do much beyond that. They may worry about their health but may not know the best steps to take to improve their health. On the other hand, a healthcare consumer is someone actively engaged in their health. At Sterling Wellness Solutions, we work with the lives in your organization to transition them from patients to healthcare consumers over time.

Have Regular Professional Screenings

One of the ways to transition into being a healthcare consumer is by having regular professional health screenings. The information found about your health during the screenings will give everyone in your organization a snapshot of their current health and the steps they need to take to have better health. Professional health screenings are a cornerstone of our corporate wellness programs because we know that healthy lives in your organization lead to more productivity and a better, more successful team.

Use Preventive Care to Your Advantage

Additionally, encourage the lives in your organization to use the preventive care benefits included in their insurance plans. Preventive care is crucial because it can help catch chronic conditions early. It can also stop them before they progress into something much worse. Insurance plans cover many types of preventive care, like mammograms, routine vaccinations, and colon cancer screenings.

Focus on Wellbeing

Your employees’ physical health is important. But you’ll also want to focus on other aspects of their wellbeing as well. There are many different aspects of wellbeing, and they are all important to focus on. Some of the different aspects of wellbeing include social wellbeing, financial wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing, and emotional/mental wellbeing. When one of those areas of wellbeing is lacking, it can really affect an individual. By focusing on wellbeing in addition to other areas of health, it helps to take charge of health.

Taking charge of health can be as simple as working with Sterling Wellness Solutions. If you want to establish a corporate culture of health and wellness, we can help. Success begins with a healthy team. Contact Sterling Wellness Solutions to get started with your corporate wellness demo.