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Upcoming Workplace Wellness Trends

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Are you thinking ahead to the new year? Are you thinking about adding a corporate wellness program into your organization to develop a culture based on health and wellness? At Sterling Wellness Solutions, we are an industry leading in developing corporate cultures rooted in health and wellness and always aim to stay ahead of the curve. If you’re thinking about revamping your corporate culture to have an emphasis on the health and wellness of the lives of your organization, Sterling Wellness Solutions is here to help. We’ve compiled a few of the upcoming workplace wellness trends we think will have a major impact for our clients in the new year.

More Focus on Overall Wellbeing

Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we expect to see a greater emphasis on your employees’ overall wellbeing. While it’s important that the lives in your organization are physically healthy, their wellbeing is just as important. When people are healthy and have a positive outlook on their overall wellbeing, it means your organization functions better as a whole. At Sterling Wellness Solutions, we have an entire program dedicated to wellbeing management and can create strategies to improve wellbeing.

Financial Wellness

In addition to helping the lives in your organization with their overall wellbeing and wellness, we’ll also work to help them with their financial wellness. Financial wellness is typically less focused on compared to physical wellbeing and emotional wellbeing, but it’s still important. When someone’s financial wellbeing isn’t in line with other areas of their wellbeing, it can start to impact their overall wellbeing and affect other areas of their life, including work performance.

An Increase in Telemedicine

We expect that telemedicine usage will continue to increase in the new year. Your employees may choose to take part in telemedicine instead of going to the doctor’s office. Make sure you allow employees some time off to see the doctor. It helps ensure your messaging is in line with your corporate culture. By encouraging employees to use telemedicine options and other benefits from their insurance plans, it’ll help transition everyone from general health patients to healthcare consumers.

Renewed Focus on Health

Finally, 2022 is going to bring a renewed focus on health. As the pandemic hopefully starts to wind down, we think health is going to become a huge focus on people. We’ll work with your employees to determine their health baseline. From there, we’ll come up with a plan for them to take charge of their health. That can lead to employees living a healthier lifestyle. Overall, Sterling Wellness Solutions is here to help.

With the upcoming workplace wellness trends, you have an idea of what employees want to focus on health wise. At Sterling Wellness Solutions, we’re known for our corporate wellness programs that focus on health and wellness. We have a high success rate in terms of participant engagement and our teams love helping your teams succeed. Success begins with a healthy team. Let Sterling Wellness Solutions help make that happen. Reach out to us for your program demo.