Marty: Hard Work Pays Off

February 11, 2020 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
I got to a point in my life that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and […]

Life Saving Screening

November 19, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
Michael was unaware that his blood pressure was in a critical range until he decided to let his onsite Sterling Nurse check his numbers. After a visit to the emergency […]

Hard Work Pays Off

October 15, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
I have found it is important to stay focused on your health goals, treat yourself to some desired things, but always keep in mind that you are on a healthy […]

Walking with the Winning Team

August 6, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
Participating in the wellness program has been very rewarding for me. Not only do we get extra days of Paid Time Off, I get to walk off the inches without […]

What I Achieved When I Started Setting Goals

July 23, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
I wanted to change my life around and knew I needed to set goals for myself. I changed my eating habits and started running in November. As a result, I […]

Why I Stopped Waiting to Enjoy Life

June 10, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
I’ve been working at this “weight” thing for several years…struggling to reach a certain weight goal by exercising, drinking plenty of water, taking supplements, and making healthier food choices. Recently it […]

Why Learning My Personal Health Numbers Helped My Headaches

April 15, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
If it wasn’t for my company’s wellness program through Sterling Wellness Solutions, I would have never discovered that I had elevated blood pressure. After sharing my numbers with my primary […]

Discovering Diabetes

March 11, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
I have been a law enforcement officer for over thirty years, which means thirty years of fast food, unhealthy eating, very high stress, and irregular sleep schedules. Four years ago, […]

Building Better Blood Pressure

February 11, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
I had not been to a physician in over 25 years. Through the Sterling Wellness program, I learned that my blood pressure was extremely high. My co-workers and team encouraged […]

Stressing Less

January 11, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
I first found out I had type II diabetes from a company initiated wellness program a few years ago. I never thought this could happen to me, so I became very […]