Ergonomics to Prevent Pain

June 29, 2020 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
If you find yourself with sore shoulders, stiff neck, or an aching back, poor ergonomics could be to blame. Simple adjustments to your work station can not only improve your […]

Building Better Resiliency

March 31, 2020 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
How do you react to life’s setbacks? Resiliency is the ability to adapt well over time after potentially stressful or traumatic life-changing events. Bouncing back from a difficult time doesn’t […]

Monitoring Your Blood Pressure at Home

March 31, 2020 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
For most adults, a normal blood pressure reading is less than 120/80 mmHg. When your blood pressure stays high over time, it causes the heart to work harder, possibly leading […]

How to Regain Your Balance

January 15, 2020 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
Have you ever stopped to consider where you are placing your best energy? Learning to separate the demands of work from your time at home can increase your productivity and […]

How to be a Quitter

January 6, 2020 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
Nicotine is an addictive substance found in tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes. The body becomes dependent on nicotine and going without it can lead to […]

How Dental Care Affects Overall Health

August 13, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
A healthy mouth is important to overall health and well-being at every age. It enables us to fuel the body with nutritious foods and promotes confidence and self-esteem. Without good […]

How Volunteering Leads To Good Health

April 22, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
Volunteering is a wonderful way to improve your own health and happiness while giving back to those in need. Sharing your time and resources is good for your mental and […]

Why Colonoscopies Save Lives

March 18, 2019 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Routine screenings like colonoscopies can prevent colorectal cancer and help detect abnormalities early, giving the best chance for successful treatment. Colonoscopies are recommended […]

Make Your Home Healthier

November 6, 2017 // Brittany Davis // No Comments //
Your health depends on more than nutrition and fitness. Even small efforts around the house, when made daily, can lead to a much healthier life. More Leave shoes at the door– […]